ChemREs2 – PAHs and inorganic contaminants in Estarreja’s rainwater: sources, spatial-temporal changes, and implications for the environment and human health


Patrícia S. M. Santos


Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/Institut Ecologie et Environnement (CNRS/INEE), via OHMI – International Observatory Hommes-Millieux


01/01/2021 - 31/12/2022

Funding for CESAM

12000 € €

Total Funding

12000 € €

Funding Entity

CNRS/INEE - Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique/Institut Ecologie et Environnement - through the OHMI - International Observatory Hommes-Milieux

Proponent Institution

Universidade de Aveiro

Participating Institutions

  • CIIMAR/Universidade do Porto

The atmospheric pollution in Estarreja is a matter of concern, and its impacts on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, as well as on human health, are still unknown. A previous project studied the chemical composition of rainwater in Estarreja and identified that local rainwater contains some contaminants, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and metals, with higher content at the industrial area than at a nearby background site, suggesting that industrial area may be a focus of contaminants emissions.
This project intends to evaluate whether six years later the industrial activities in Estarreja continues contributing for the emission of contaminants into the atmosphere, namely PAHs and metals, which are then removed by precipitation. The results from this study will be important to understand the sources of contamination in the industrial area of Estarreja, and to evaluate space-time changes, as well as the impacts of the contaminants on the environment and human beings.

CESAM members in the project

Armando da Costa Duarte

Professor Catedrático Aposentado