GREENTOUR – Circular economy and sustainable tourism in destinations of the SUDOE area


Jaume Albertí

CESAM Responsible researcher

Ana Cláudia Dias


Interreg Sudoe Area


01/11/2020 - 28/02/2023

Funding for CESAM

100004 €

Total Funding

1171998 €

Funding Entity

European Regional Development Fund, European Union

Proponent Institution

Escuela Superior de Comercio Internacional de la Universidad Pompeu Fabra

Participating Institutions

  • Universidade de Aveiro (PT)
  • Universidad de Cantabria (ES)
  • Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Tourisme (FR)
  • Fundación Camino Lebaniego (ES)
  • Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Eficiência y Sostenibilidad Energética (ES)
  • Diputacion de Pontevedra (ES)
  • Laboratório da Paisagem - Associação para a Promoção do Desenvolvimento Sustentável (PT)


GREENTOUR addresses a variety of innovation actions within a framework of a transregional clustering model that include:

(1) methodologies and actions to foster circular economy in the tourism sector at a transregional scale;
(2) scientific and methodological innovation through an environmental labeling system with a life cycle perspective to assess the environmental impacts caused by tourism activity in a destination, beyond economic and social variables;
(3) providing inter-regional cooperation in the SUDOE area among institutions and policymakers, considering the existing tourism sector in the validation of the proposed tools and strategies.

The goal is to move towards a new environmental, economic, and social model, in which the consumer is simultaneously informed and engaged in commitment to the environment where tourism activity takes place. The project encompasses a pilot phase for the development of four environmental assessment tools, based on the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology, for the subsector of hotels, restaurants, leisure, and transport, and an extrapolation to lodging in tourist destinations as a whole; subsequently, the application of the tools is extended to all destinations that are part of the consortium. GREENTOUR represents an opportunity to incorporate more competitive services that respect the natural and cultural heritage, adding socio-economic value to the SUDOE region, and strengthening the tourism sector in the face of future challenges.

CESAM members in the project