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The main expertise of the CDEC RG is Marine Biology, with specialization on taxonomy, ecology, microbiology, physiology and genetics. The RG works from coastal environments to the deep-sea, on different spatial scales and on all biological organizational level, from genes to ecosystems. Its strategic aim is to increase knowledge on biodiversity, structure and functioning of marine systems relevant to address recognized societal challenges, namely anthropogenic impacts, climate change, and sustainable and innovative use of resources, in order to support decision making in policy and management of marine environments.

Specific objectives include: understanding of marine ecosystems structure and functioning, how they support ecosystem services, and how anthropogenic pressures affect them; advancing knowledge on the fundamental processes that support primary productivity in estuarine and marine habitats, including organisms photophysiology and ecosystem-level productivity; understanding the ecology of microbial communities in marine systems, how they affect ecosystems services and how they can be used in the development of a new generation of microbiome-based applications.


members (PhD only)

Daniel Francis Richard Cleary

Investigador Principal

Daniel de Jesus Andrade e Crespo

Estagiário de Pós-Doutoramento

Francesca Coppola

Investigadora Doutorada

Maria Helena Abreu Silva

Professora Auxiliar

Henrique José de Barros Brito Queiroga

Professor Associado com Agregação

Isabel Natalia Sierra Garcia

Investigadora Doutorada

Jérôme Morelle

Investigador Doutorado

Jörg Christian Frommlet

Investigador Doutorado

Newton Carlos Marcial Gomes

Investigador Principal com Habilitação

Patricia Esquete Garrote

Investigadora Doutorada

Silja Frankenbach

Investigadora Júnior

Teresa Paula Fernandes Amaro

Investigadora auxiliar

Vanessa Jesus de Oliveira

Investigadora Doutorada