The second edition of the Research Highlight series’ addresses bivalve molluscs production

The second edition of this series of seminars carried out at CESAM will host researcher Andreia Rodrigues (CESAM/DBIO) and will take place on 31st March (Friday), between 16:00 pm and 17:00 pm in lecture room 3.1.15 (building 3).

Andreia Rodrigues (CESAM/DBIO) will discuss the challenges to increase the competitiveness and sustainability of bivalve molluscs production, safeguarding its food safety.

All interested are invited to attend, and no registration is needed.

These seminars are organised by CESAM’s Research Group ECHC – Environmental Changes, Hazards & Conservation.

The following editions will be:

  • 21st April – Diogo Cardoso ‘Insects as a key to a more sustainable planet: ENTOSAFE project’
  • 26th May – Isabel Lopes ‘Living in a saltier world: challenges and impacts to coastal biota’
  • 30th June – Roberto Martins ‘Eco-friendly nanoadditives for maritime anti-corrosion smart coatings: a glimpse of the NANOGREEN project’