Best Environmental and Ecology Documentary 2023 bears the CESAM mark

“The White Stork: Between the Church and the Cliff” was named the Best Environmental and Ecology Documentary at the sixteenth edition of the International Film and Tourism Festival – Art & TuR, held in the city of Caldas da Rainha from October 24 to 27. A total of 262 promotional films and documentaries from 47 countries participated in the competition, evaluated by an international jury.

This documentary explores the life cycle of one of Portugal’s most emblematic birds, the white stork. The journey begins on the Alentejo Coast, where the only colony of storks nesting on marine cliffs is found. The documentary is scheduled to premiere soon on RTP1. Additionally, all award-winning documentaries from the festival will be screened on TAP flights, which transport around 4 million passengers per year.

The Center for Environmental and Marine Studies of the University of Aveiro (CESAM-UA) is the scientific partner of this documentary, produced by Play Solutions Audiovisuais. Joaquim Pedro Ferreira, a researcher and science communicator at CESAM, co-authored it with Paulo Caetano and co-directed it with Pedro Miguel Ferreira.

This award, like other recent ones, is a recognition of CESAM’s successful investment in the audiovisual field. Promoting scientific knowledge and enhancing awareness of natural resources among the general public are two major goals of CESAM.