“Ocean Break” Seminars

12:30 - 13:30

On April 19th, from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm, another edition of the “Ocean Break” seminar series will take place, on DEMAC room 9.1.1, linked to research on the sea carried out at CESAM.

This time, the lecture will be given by João Silva, Master in Applied Marine Biology, entitled Zostera noltei Hornemann sexual reproduction in Ria de Aveiro: insights for seagrass seed-based restoration

Seagrass beds are ecosystems of extreme importance, facing a global decline, with some recovery exceptions. In the Ria de Aveiro lagoon, where the dominant species is Zostera noltei Hornemann (“sirgo”), the same tendency is observed, with some recovery reported. Since 2018, restoration actions have been put forward, through transplants. Seed-based methods have been gaining attention recently, allowing for a larger-scale habitat recovery, and enhancing genetic richness and resilience. Before seed-based restoration can be implemented, the flowering phenology, seed storage and germination need to be well understood. On the other hand, seagrass photosynthesis has been extensively studied in green vegetative organs, with only a few reports being available on the seeds and spathes. Therefore, the current work aimed at 1) surveying spatial and temporal changes in Z. noltei reproductive effort, 2) assessing optimum seed storage and germination abiotic conditions, and 3) evaluating Z. noltei spathe and seed photosynthesis through chlorophyll a fluorescence. At the Ocean Break, we will explore the results of this study and its implications, offering the best practices for effective seed-based Z. noltei habitat restoration in Ria de Aveiro.