Award for young researchers in the Atlantic and its ecosystems


FLAD (Luso-American Development Foundation) continues to invest in research in the Atlantic area, its ecosystems and their sustainable exploitation, opening a new edition of the FLAD Science Award Atlantic 2024. The prize is 300 000 €, for a maximum of 3 years.

Deadline: 30 June 2024


Candidates who have completed their doctorate no more than eight years ago are eligible. Maternity and paternity leave will be considered to count this period, reinforcing FLAD’s commitment to promoting and guaranteeing equal opportunities.

Key research areas for the 2024 edition:

FLAD will recognise research projects that contribute to the development of maritime science and technology as a means of stimulating innovation and strengthening the sustainable development of the blue economy:

– Science and technology to promote a healthy and clean ocean, addressing the Atlantic as a natural ecosystem asset;

– Future impact of climate change on human populations in Atlantic coastal regions and design of mitigation or adaptation actions, including citizen participation;

– Assessing the value of the Atlantic in terms of natural heritage and ecosystems, particularly in terms of its contribution to the Blue Economy, using advanced economic analyses and big data;

– Environmental and energy transition strategies for islands and isolated areas;

– Sustainable mobility and logistics in the context of growing digital transformation;

– New approaches to the planning, observation, and management of the Atlantic area, including the preservation of critical ecosystems, making use of observation methods involving low-cost satellite systems, advanced sensor systems, artificial intelligence or data science.


The prize will be awarded after applications have been analysed in two phases:

Phase 1: The first phase of applications runs from 1 June to 30 June, where a review of the candidate’s scientific curriculum is carried out, along with an assessment of the main ideas presented in the research proposal.

Stage 2: The best-placed candidates in the first stage are invited to take part in a second application stage. It will be necessary to send in the proposal for the research plan for the 3-year duration of the prize between 13 September and 13 October. If any further evaluation is required, there is the possibility of a final interview.

The call for proposals and additional information can be read here.

CESAM researcher Luísa Magalhães won the third edition of the FLAD Science Award Atlantic with the project UNTIE – UNravelling the role of emerging parasitic diseases in the structure and function of coastal communiTIEs and ecosystems.