FCT Opens Public Consultation on New Open Access Policy

The Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) has launched a public consultation on its new policy regarding open access to scientific publications resulting from research funded by the Foundation.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the development of this document (available here) should send their comments to cp-politica-aa@rcaap.pt by the upcoming May 22nd.

FCT’s Open Access Policy was adopted in 2014, and the experience gained from its implementation, along with observed developments and the growing awareness of the benefits of open access publishing, have prompted the Foundation to undertake a comprehensive review. FCT’s adherence to Plan S (promoted by cOAlition S and supported by Science Europe) is another significant influence on the policy’s revision.

By joining Plan S, FCT has committed itself to the initiative’s goals: ensuring that all publications resulting from research funded by participating institutions are published in open-access journals or platforms or made available in open-access repositories, without embargoes.

The newly presented Open Access Policy defines what constitutes Open Access, outlines the publication requirements for each type of publication and the retention of rights, establishes the deposit requirement in the RCAAP network, and provides advertising rules. The document also includes an annex with minimum technical standards for open-access journals or platforms.

For more information, visit here.