Heliana Teixeira (CESAM/DBIO) is a Proponent in Approved COST Action

Heliana Teixeira (CESAM/DBIO) is one of the proponents of a COST Action, which has been approved with the highest rating in all its components. The action is titled “Insect AI – Using Image-based AI for Insect Monitoring & Conservation.” The aim of this COST Action is to strengthen capacities and collaborative networks for the development of image-based AI technologies and computer vision tools, advancing research in the field of nature monitoring and conservation, particularly focusing on insects.

Worldwide insect populations are facing a significant decline, and this COST Action aims to address one of the critical challenges identified in the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, which is the standardized collection of information about the state of nature.

The researcher’s participation in this COST Action stems from her collaboration with the proposal coordinator, Tom August, from the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, United Kingdom. This collaboration began in the recently concluded COST Action AlienCSI, which focused on using citizen science to enhance knowledge about exotic species, particularly invasive ones.

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More information about the image: Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies such as Computer Vision applied to nature conservation: the process of training an image object detection model (fictitious example).