Henrique Queiroga joins the National Council for the Environment and Sustainable Development (CNADS)

O Conselho Nacional do Ambiente e do Desenvolvimento Sustentável (CNADS) recently approved the co-optation of Henrique Queiroga, a researcher at CESAM and professor at the Department of Biology at the University of Aveiro, as a member of this advisory body of the Government for environmental issues. The co-optation proposal was presented by the National Council of Professional Orders.

Regarding his appointment, Henrique Queiroga emphasizes that, “despite the statements of intent, the proposal to extend jurisdiction over the continental shelf, and the media coverage of the topic, public policies regarding the role of the oceans in the country’s development are still very incipient. I believe that CNADS is an important body for reflecting on these matters.”

The CESAM researcher holds the qualification of Environmental Specialist, awarded by the Order of Biologists, and currently serves as the President of the General Assembly of the Order of Biologists and a member of the Scientific Panel of the National Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change. In addition, he has actively participated in programs and projects for biodiversity conservation and the management of protected marine areas, in collaboration with the Institute for Nature Conservation and Forests, municipal authorities, and academic institutions.

CNADS was established in 1997 by decree-law and is an independent advisory body that operates alongside the minister responsible for environmental affairs. Its mission is to facilitate public participation and consensus on environmental and sustainable development policies.

Text by: Henrique Queiroga in collaboration with CESAM