Support services

In-person Assistance

Hours: 09:00 AM to 12:30 PM / 02:00 PM to 05:30 PM
Location: 5th Floor of Building 3 at the Santiago Campus of the University of Aveiro

Financial Management and Administrative

Provides support to:

  • CESAM Coordination

Name: Aida Oliveira; Phone: 234 247 099 (ext. 25015)
Name: Elsa Pereira; Telefone: 234 247 157 (ext. 25019)
Name: Filipa Pimentel; Phone: 234 247 181 (ext. 25023)
Email: (for requests for financial commitments); (for matters relating to vehicles); (for matters relating to grants)

Research Infrastructure Support

Provides support for:

  • Development of analytical methods for environmental and chemical sample analysis;
  • Use of analytical equipment and related software;
  • Management and execution of laboratory work;
  • Analytical data processing using statistical methods;

Name: Anabela Pereira; Phone: 234 247 313 (ext. 25006)
Name: Joana Barata; Phone: 234 247 313 (ext. 25006)

Provides support for:

  • ARGUS computational platform or computational modeling;
  • Data analysis, processing, and visualization;
  • Support in using ICT to streamline tasks;
  • Support for CESAM coordination;
  • Graphics/multimedia associated with the production of promotional materials;
  • Technical support for the CESAM website;
  • Issues related to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR);
  • User management and internal mailing lists;
  • Control of access to CESAM laboratory facilities;

Name: Luís Carvalheiro; Phone: 234 247 088 (ext. 25004)
Email: – for technical matters related to the CESAM website; – for matters related to the ARGUS computational infrastructure.

Support for the Nereide vessel

Name: Paulo Rosa; Phone: 234 247 174 (ext. 25022)

Communication, Promotion, and Dissemination

Provides support for:

  • Planning, production, and publication of communication content on various external and internal CESAM platforms;
  • Management of the CESAM website, social media, and newsletter;
  • Connection with national and regional media outlets;
  • Support in organizing CESAM events;
  • Support for CESAM community members in writing projects, in communication components, and in disseminating results;
  • Support for activities specifically related to the communication and dissemination of project results and other scientific activities.

Name: Isabel Saúde; Phone: 234 247 057 (ext. 25013)
Name: Joaquim Pedro; Phone: 234 247 097 (ext. 25002)
Name: Tânia Barros; Phone: 234 372 595 (ext. 25024)

Science Management and Knowledge Transfer

Provides support for:

  • Technical and scientific advisory in the planning, organization, analysis, development, and implementation of CESAM and UA scientific and technological strategies, guidelines, and activities;
  • Search for and dissemination of national and international Research and Innovation (R&I) funding opportunities and researcher mobility directed towards research conducted at CESAM;
  • Support in preparing applications for R&I and Career Development activities for funding programs;
  • Organization of information sessions for the CESAM scientific community related to specific calls;
  • Management and update of the CESAM research team.

Name: Ana Sofia Santiago; Phone: 234 247 087 (ext. 25003)
Nome: Inês Rosa; Phone: 234 247 155 (ext. 25017)