World Soil Day Celebrated with Event at the Department of Environment and Planning of the University of Aveiro

On December 5th, the Department of Environment and Planning (DAO) at the University of Aveiro hosted a commemorative event for World Soil Day, organized by CESAM in collaboration with the projects BESIDE, FoRES, Insectera, and ENTOSAFE.

The welcome to guests and participants was conducted by the Vice-Rector, Professor Artur Silva, Professor Amadeu Soares (Coordinator of CESAM), and Professor Fátima Alves (DAO Director). In their speeches, they emphasized the importance of soil, its conservation, and valorization for society, highlighting that the theme is highly relevant in both the research lines of the University of Aveiro and CESAM, as well as in the work of the Department of Environment and Planning, which has dedicated over 40 years to this area.

In the first part of the event, moderated by Dr. Susana Loureiro (CESAM/DBio), strategies and initiatives related to soil conservation and valorization were presented. The presentation by Dr. Cláudia Sá from the Directorate-General of Agriculture and Rural Development (DGADR) on the “AGRI-DEM_SOLO Demonstration Farm Network” stood out. Following that, Dr. Maria João Fernandes from the National Innovation Agency (ANI) discussed funding and collaboration opportunities within the Solo Mission framework. Finally, Dr. Sónia Rodrigues from CESAM/DAO presented the main research lines included in the recently approved European project within the Solo Mission framework related to Soil Literacy.

The debate was enriched with the presentation and discussion of strategies and different perspectives, strengthening networking opportunities and collaboration between institutions around this vital and vulnerable resource: soil.

Some of the images captured during the event: