Ana Catarina Bastos

graus académicos

PhD in Environmental Sciences at Institute of Bioscience and Technology (current Cranfield Soil and Agrifood Institute), Cranfield University, UK – 2008

‘Licenciatura’ (5-year degree, incl. 9 months of research internship) in Biotechnology Engineering at Faculty of Engineering of Natural Resources, Algarve University, Portugal – 2003

interesses de investigação

soil and ecosystem management; biochar; sustainability; soil-biochar-biota interactions; soil functional biodiversity; ecosystem functions/services; climate adaptation; biomonitorization; soil (bio)remediation; environmental engineering.

Key topics:
- management, conservation and restoration of soil and biological resources, through the use of biochar (environmental management tool);
- sustainable biochar applications in agriculture and forestry, in view of climate adaptation;
- impact assessment of biochar on soil properties and biota-mediated ecosystem functions;
- biochar ecotoxicity and soil-biochar-biota interactions under representative exposure scenarios;
- functional biodiversity and ecosystem functioning under anthropogenic pressure;
- soil bioremediation.


PhD: Marija Prodana
Master: Nneka Enwena
Estágio Curricular: Doris Hassink
PhD: Antun Jelincic
PhD: Liliana Beatriz Simões
Master: Marie Van Hoeyweghen
Master: Anselme Haugou
Estágio Curricular: Harmen Stap
Master: João Puga
Aluno De Pesquisa: José Diogo Gomes
Master: Catarina Malheiros
Aluno De Pesquisa: José Afonso Marques
Aluno De Pesquisa: Filipa Batista
Master: Antonio Amaro
Master: Marija Prodana