Eduardo Manuel Silva Loureiro Alves Ferreira

Eduardo Ferreira

graus académicos

PhD in Biology, University of Aveiro (in collaboration with UFES and UFT, Brazil) – 2011
Master in Ecology, Faculty of Sciences and Technology, University of Coimbra – 2006
Graduation in Biology, University of Aveiro – 2002

interesses de investigação

- Understanding how population dynamics, structure, diversity and gene flow is affected by changes in land-use and land-cover.
- Understanding the process of biodiversity loss and the impact of anthropogenic stressors in this process.
- Identifying vulnerable species, traits and taxa and help designing conservation measures.
- Integrating biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of ecosystems by human populations.


Graduation Project: Leonor Carvalho
Graduation Thesis: Gabriel Moreira
Graduation Thesis: Nuno Moreno
Master: Daniel Ribeiro
Master: Lourenço José
Estágio / Graduation Traineeship: Alexandre Dolgner
Pesquisa / Graduation Thesis: Caroliny Alves
Estágio / Graduation Traineeship: Caroliny Alves
Master: Caroliny Alves
PhD: Joana Rita Martins Fernandes
Master: Francisco Graça
Master: Pascoal Nhamue
Master: Adamo Izaque Ibraimo
Master: Miguel Ângelo Silva Freitas
Master: Guerreiro Batista
Master: Afido Pirilau
Master: Inês Gregório
Master: Marta Alexandre
Estágio/graduation Traineeship: Sara Pimentel Fidalgo Peixoto
Estágio/graduation Traineeship: Cristina Patrício Pinto Da Silva
Pesquisa/graduation Thesis: Letícia Pereira Da Cunha
Pesquisa/graduation Thesis: André Caldeira Limede
Pesquisa/graduation Thesis: Miguel Ângelo Silva Freitas
Estágio/graduation Traineeship: Rita Ribeiro Lacerda Do Vale
Estágio/graduation Traineeship: Diana Sofia Matos Ferreira
Master: André Pedro Do Couto
Master: Inês Salgueiro Torres