Frank G.A. Verheijen

graus académicos

Ph.D. (2002-2005). National Soil Resources Institute, Cranfield University, UK. Funded by the UK Department of Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). Supervisor: Professor Mark Kibblewhite.

M.Sc. in Physical Geography (2001). University of Amsterdam The Netherlands. Supervisor: Dr. Erik Cammeraat.

interesses de investigação

I am a physical geographer, who received his PhD in soil science in 2006 and currently works as an auxiliary researcher at CESAM. I have focused my research on SOIL ORGANIC MATTER, how to manage it, and how it interacts with the wider environment. Specifically, I focus on how SOIL MANAGEMENT can improve ECOSYSTEM SERVICES, in particular elucidating positive as well as negative effects of biochar in soil, and identifying trade-offs in order to build a SUSTAINABLE BIOCHAR system.

It is my firm belief that to deal successfully with the challenges posed by climate and land use change on the one hand, and food security and environmental functioning on the other, researchers are needed with both broad and deep skills. I have attempted to achieve this through my education and research experience and hope to apply and extend my skills to understand the planet better and help keep it viable and functioning.


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