Nuno Alexandre Firmino Vaz

graus académicos

[2007] PhD in Physics (Physical Oceanography). “Study of heat and salt transport processes in the Espinheiro Channel (Ria de Aveiro)”, University of Aveiro.

[2001] Degree in Physics (Meteorology and Oceanography). Final Report: “Determination of ocean currents using an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)”. (Five year degree).

interesses de investigação

Physical Oceanography

Estuaries and coastal waters

Atmosphere-Ocean interaction

Numerical modelling of circulation and biogeochemistry of esturine-coastal continuums

Numerical Modelling, satellite imagery and data analysis

Statistical methods and variability analysis


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Research Fellow: Leandro Alves Vaz
Research Fellow With Phd: Sandra Plecha
Master: Catarina Vargas