Paula Alexandra Aquino Maia

graus académicos

PhD in Environmental Sciences, University of Aveiro, Department of Environment and Planning – 2014

Degree in Biology, University of Aveiro, Department of Biology – 2007

interesses de investigação

Forest Ecology
Fire Ecology
Sustainable Forest Management
Plant Invasions
Ecosystem Restoration
Science Communication

My research centers on vegetation studies on burnt forest, particularly mountain planted forests. In particular, my research has focused on the diversity, structure and regeneration of the understory vegetation of these typically mono-specific plantations and the relation thereof of forest management operation in this process. This is a very timely and important field of research, since most of the biodiversity of these forests is allocated to the shrub layer. This layer is often cut and destroyed for reducing fire hazard and/or reducing competition with the trees, however, not enough studies have focused on the latter, and current evidences are ambiguous.


Master: Diana Manuela Antunes Rodrigues