Peter Cornelis Roebeling

graus académicos

M.Sc. in Rural Development Studies with specialization in Development Economics, 1995, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Ph.D. in Social Sciences with specialization in Development and Natural Resource Economics, 2003, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

interesses de investigação

Peter Roebeling’s socio-environmental-economic research focuses on sustainable regional development through:
- Integrated Catchment and Coastal Zone Management (ICCZM);
- Sustainable Urbanizing Landscape Development (SULD);
- Coastal Erosion and Adaptation Strategies (CEAS); and
- Efficient Air Quality Management (EAQM),
and is based in integrated explorative and predictive approaches that support stakeholders in the identification, development and implementation of sustainable development strategies.


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PhD: Rita Mendonça
Master: Rita Meireles Mendonça
Master: Catia Baptista
Master: Bruno Pais
Master: Raquel Bulhões
Master: David Grossi
Master: Celso Simões
Master: Iris Silva
PhD: Maria Isabel Bastos
PhD: Luiz Norberto Lacerda Magalhães Filho
Master: Miguel Saraiva
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PhD: Carla Teotónio
PhD: Nisete Augusta De Amigo
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