Carlos Alberto Diogo Soares Borrego

nomes de citação

Borrego, Carlos
Carlos Borrego

graus académicos

1972 LICENCIATURA 17 valores
1978 MESTRADO with honours
1981 DOUTORAMENTO with higher distinction
1990 AGREGAÇÃO Approved

interesses de investigação

The research interests are concerned to the integrated studies of physico-chemical atmospheric processes, including the meteorological aspects, the atmospheric pollutants production and dispersion and their fluxes between the atmosphere and the other ambient reservoirs. These studies are based on mathematical and physical modelling, in wind tunnel. The projects include the development of air quality mathematical models; the development of numerical models for atmospheric impact assessment of industrial units; heavy gas dispersion and industrial risk assessment from accidents; atmospheric pollution and changes in the atmospheric pattern circulations, induced by forest fires; the analysis of coastal breezes effects on air quality; climate change mitigation and adaptation as co-benefit for air pollution, from the regional to local scale (using nature-based solutions); circular economy in cities.
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Master: Henrique Balona De Sa Oliveira
Master: Filipe Joao Da Silva Rodrigues
PhD: Ana Cristina Carvalho
PhD: Maria Alexandra Castelo Sobral Monteiro
Post-doc: Anabela Carvalho
Post-doc: Helena Martins
Master: Maria Elisa Sá
Master: Ana Cristina Pinto Monteiro
Master: Catarina Rocha E Silva Valente De Matos
Master: Florisvindo Jaimilito Rodrigues Furtado
Master: Jorge Filipe Marto Bandeira
Master: Pedro Miguel. Aguiar Gerardo
Master: Vera Augusta Moreira Rodrigues
Master: Filipe João Da Silva Rodrigues
Master: Luis Ricardo Trindade Mendes
PhD: Mário Jorge Costa Tomé
PhD: Myriam Nunes Lopes
Master: Carla Marina Dos Santos Batalha Dias Nunes
Master: Inês Pereira Da Silva
Master: Daniel De Jesus Coelho
PhD: Ana Margarida Lobo Lourenço Da Costa
PhD: Jorge Humberto Amorim
Post-doc: Joana Valente
PhD: Joana Ferreira
PhD: Maria Elisa Sá
Post-doc: Helena Martins
Post-doc: Maria Alexandra Castelo Sobral Monteiro
PhD: Ana Patrícia Da Silva Fernandes